Hydraulic fittings

Taps and fittings production and brass hydraulic fittings



The Rubi Zeta srl company owns a varied fleet of hot stamping machines.

The most used machines are:
2 HYDROMEC PRESSES dedicated to the molding of various taps and 2 FIXED PRESSES for the molding of general fittings.



This operation is necessary to remove excess brass after the fitting has been printed.

Rubi Zeta srl has 4 PRESSES TO CHANGE, necessary to deburr in various measures and therefore in a precise way, the excess brass present on the molded articles.
Furthermore, to eliminate the small residues due to oil molding, we have 2 LARGE SANDERS.



After printing and cutting the items, Rubi Zeta srl also takes care of their finishing through the manufacturing process.

To best perform this operation, the following are used:
7 TRANSFER MACHINES required for various processes; combined with the use of TRAPANI and MASCHIATRICI for shooting operations.



To satisfy every need of its customers, Rubi Zeta srl has 1 AUTOMATIC MACHINE for the assembly of the gauge holder and boiler discharge; ANOTHER AUTOMATIC MACHINE for the assembly of valves and lockshields to which are added No. 2 TEST BENCHES for the test of the tightness of the various faucets.

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On reference of hydraulic fittings, Rubi Zeta deals with production of brass valves and fittings for hydraulics as well as taps fittings and fittings for bathroom and heating.

Rubi Zeta production of hydraulic brass fittings and taps, use a high quality material for hydro-sanitary branch on production of hydraulic fittings and brass taps through special machining operations.

Taps and fittings for bathroom and heating

Rubi Zeta deals with production of bathroom and heating hydraulic articles, responding on the growing demand for these products. Within the faucet, Rubi Zeta produces classic taps for ball and boiler drainage, pressure gauges, variable fittings, valves and holders, aquabloc taps and level indicators.

Thanks to its many decades of experience, Rubi Zeta, produces and supply successfully Thermostatic valves to its Italian and International customers.

Production of brass valves and fittings for hydraulics system can also carried out on three-bonding production.
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