Hot brass molding


Rubi Zeta is specialized in hot brass molding, starting from a brass bar. In our activity to obtain an outstanding brass product, it’s essential to guarantee various well-defined phases.


First of all, brass bars need to be cuts in pieces for molding. After that, the sections are printed, cut, machined and finished to get the products ready for sale. If necessary, the products may be subjected to further nickel finishing. In this way, Rubi Zeta accomplished the Made in Italy processing.


At the end of the procedure Rubi Zeta’s tap fittings are ready to be stored and shipped in Italy as well as abroad, with our high quality certification complying meeting the requirements of the standards.

Fasi di lavorazione stampaggio caldo ottone


Rubi Zeta has fully understood the benefits of hot-working. Hot-forging brass process allows possible to obtain a product of great quality and durable in time and quality. As a matter of fact, brass material is a copper-zinc alloy and zinc includes carries properties such as mechanical strength, colour, malleability, ductility, heat conduction and abrasion and corrosion resistance.


Hot sealing of brass is preferable instead melting brass, because it allows to obtain higher efficiency and higher machining speeds.


For these reasons, brass is one of the most suitable material to produce tap fittings and fittings. Rubi Zeta is specialised on hot-forging and machining of brass, on drawing or on a sample. Send us every request for working on behalf of third parties.

Vantaggi lavorazione a caldo
Rubi Zeta greatest strength are also found in the hot-working process: experience, professionalism, seriousness, high quality on raw material, ability on making items on customized demand with avant-garde machining, with high technical expertise and proven professionalism.